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CHARLESTON, W.Va. The West Virginia Manufacturers Association has endorsed a bipartisan list of 70 candidates for legislative office and made endorsements in races for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Regarding the legislative races, the mix of incumbents and new candidate endorsements represents those whose political philosophy is aligned with the best interests of West Virginia’s manufacturers, said WMVA President Rebecca McPhail. 

“Regardless of party affiliation, our endorsements reflect the results detailed in our AssembleWV legislative scorecard and how candidates responded to our survey,” McPhail explained. “WVMA members have unique policy needs that are not always the same as other segments of the business community. I encourage candidates to reach out to us for a conversation about our needs regardless of whether they earned our endorsement.”

AssembleWV, a political advocacy organization affiliated with the West Virginia Manufacturers Association (WVMA), scored members of the 83rd Legislature for their actions on several pieces of legislation during the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions. 

As the scorecard explains, the bills used to measure legislator performance were weighted based on their importance to manufacturers, regardless of whether the bills passed. Scores ranged from 100 percent down to 17.6 percent. All lawmakers can access the scorecard and are encouraged to contact the WVMA with questions.

For the Supreme Court endorsements, the WVMA endorsed candidates its members believe will be most faithful to the West Virginia Constitution, will avoid judicial activism and will restore integrity and public trust in the state’s highest court, McPhail said.

Download this file (WVMA 2018 General Endorsements.pdf)WVMA 2018 General Endorsements.pdf[ ]182 kB