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What is Assemble West Virginia

AssembleWV knows the vital role that manufacturing plays in each and every community, big or small, throughout West Virginia. 

We believe that everyone, from the machine operator, to the small business owner, to the thousands of West Virginians who want to make manufacturing in our state everything it can be, should have a say in government policies that affect their livelihood.

We’ll let you know when issues critical to our well-being are debated at the capitol, and we’ll let you know what you can do about it.

With your help, we can make manufacturing in West Virginia as strong as it can be for our communities, our workers, and as a future economic engine for our state.


  • Manufacturers in West Virginia account for over 10 percent of the total output in the state, employing over 6 percent of the workforce. 

  • Total output from manufacturing was $7.43 billion in 2015. 

  • In addition, there were 47,100 manufacturing employees in West Virginia in 2016, with an average annual compensation of $67,399 in 2015
  • Manufacturers help to drive West Virginia’s economy, with $3.67 billion in manufactured goods exports in 2016.

  • That same year, $1.80 billion in exports was without free trade agreement (FTA) partners.

  • Manufacturing helps create jobs in the state, and 20.6 percent of manufacturing employment stemmed from exports in 2011.
  • Small businesses comprise 76 percent of exporters in West Virginia. 

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Legislative Honor Roll

Legislative Honor Roll

The WVMA supported many key legislative initiatives during the 2017 Legislative Session. The Association vocally advocated environmental balance (HB 2506), fair practices for unemployment compensation benefits (SB 222), expanded drug testing in the workplace (HB 2857), efficiencies for heavy haul permits (HB 3064), restrictions on unmanned aircrafts over industrial properties (SB 9), a fair approach to medical monitoring (SB 236), and increases to fees assessed by the Department of Homeland Security that while an increase cost for manufacturers, provides funds necessary to modernize compliance reporting for potential contaminants (HB 3048). 

While SB 9 and SB 236, did not make it through the legislative process. The majority of WVMA efforts were legislatively successful. Based on Association priorities and review of voting records, the following list represents Legislators who demonstrate a strong desire to create an environment that encourages manufacturing investment and growth in the Mountain State. 

To make the Honor Roll, legislators must have scored an A or B based on the WVMA 2017 Legislative Score Card.